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What do you Live4? It’s a question that we don’t often consider – we’re usually too caught up in the daily grind of work, bills, our commute, lack of sleep, family stresses…. the list goes on. But give it a moment. What do you Live4?

Is it travelling the world and seeing new places? Spending quality time with your family? Supporting your footy team? Is it music, or film, or heading out and drinking with your mates? Is it the weekend? Or is it your new car?

Live4 is a new interactive web and mobile site dedicated to all the things that you actually care about, and includes features, interviews, blogs, polls, videos, guest celebrity posts and more. It’s fun, it’s relevant, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Oh, and we’ve lots of free stuff to give away too. So… what do YOU Live4?

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