Best celebrity shaves
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Best celebrity shaves

8 March 2013 | 7:30 am

If you’ve ever had the urge to lop off your lengthy locks with the clippers, you’re not alone.

Celebrities are notorious for their dramatic hair overhauls – and nothing is more striking than a spur-of-the moment buzz cut. Whether it’s for charity, a starring film role or just the result of a bad hair day, here are four of our favourites.

Best fashion cut

Miley Cyrus may not have been the first to sport the shaved blond pixie cut (think P!nk, Tilda Swinton, Ellen DeGeneres before her), but few celebrities have performed such a dramatic about-face in such a short time. In just under 12 months, Miley has ditched her squeaky-clean Disney image for one that more closely resembles punk-rock princess – and it works.

Best victory shave

It’s no secret that beards have been making an undignified return to centre stage – the Oscars red carpet was practically dripping with scruffy celebrities sporting several-weeks-too-long growth. But fear not, because Best Picture director Ben Affleck has finally succumbed to the urging of wife Jennifer Garner and shaved off his unruly facial hair.

The Argo director clipped his beard at a late-night Oscars after-party in West Hollywood in celebration of his win. Ben had been holding on to the beard, which he grew for his role in Argo, as a good-luck charm.

Best boy band shave

Ever since The Beatles polarised the world with their floppy fringes and mop tops, signature hairdos have been a must-have item for any boy band. So rumours were flying late last year when One Direction’s Liam Payne unexpectedly buzzed his signature shaggy locks. The 19-year-old defied management over the close shave, telling media he “just fancied it for the day”.

Band-mate Harry Styles has also talked up taking the clippers to his famous curly mop – but so far he’s not game to risk his standing in the band.

Best bad-hair-day shave

No list would be complete without including that meltdown by former pop princess Britney Spears. The singer shaved off her hair in a bizarre episode in 2007 after months of controversial behaviour. She had checked into a rehab facility and then abruptly checked out before returning home and shaving her head completely bald.

No stranger to transformations, the former bottle blonde is now sporting a full, healthy head of long brown waves.


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