Go travelling!
4 reasons to...

Go travelling!

7 July 2013 | 7:30 am

Work needs you and you need to work, probably, but you also need to justify this sudden craving you’ve been having to swivel round on your seat, flick your boss the bird and jet off on an adventure. What on earth will you say? It can be hard, yes, but don’t worry. You can always find good reasons to travel.

You’re suffering from FOMO

There are 196 countries in the world and other people are doing incredible things in all of them – things that you are not. The thought that you might not get to participate in the stuff you’ve seen your friends and acquaintances doing sends more cold shivers down your spine than an episode of Most Haunted.

That feeling right there is the FOMO – the fear of missing out. It’s a serious problem that will in time start to hinder your performance at work, and unless you do something now to calm your nerves, your boss might never see you again. You will literally die of fear.

Life is short

Speaking of dying, everyone does, so as you work yourself into the ground it pays to remember that this is exactly where you’re ending up. As Bon Jovi said, you’ve got to live while you’re alive. It’s more than FOMO; it’s knowing that you’ll miss everything if you don’t do something.

Travelling lets you break out of your comfort zone and frees your soul. Riding a dodgy bus, flying in a tiny plane, conversing with an ancient naked lady who’s just spoon-fed you ayahuasca in the depths of the Peruvian jungle – it’s all an adrenaline rush that proves it’s not the years in your life that count as much as the life in your years.

Your Facebook profile photo is one of your kitchen

No one gets the FOMO when they check up on your life. To be honest, they probably want to unfriend you for fear of your boringness becoming contagious. If your Facebook photos show you proudly bolting your new kitchen cupboards to the wall, you have the perfect excuse to pack your camera and head somewhere more inspiring.

Buy saris in all the colours of the rainbow and wear them riding elephants in India. Snap the colorful houses dotted on the cliffs in Chile’s Valparaiso before swirling in something sexy and red in a Buenos Aires tango hall. Trek the emerald green jungles of the Amazon rainforest, or count clouds in the blue skies of Bali. Anything more colorful than your kitchen cupboards and your Facebook profile will shine.

You need to break up with your other half

Nothing says “I don’t love you anymore” like “I’m going on a year-long sabbatical, without you.” If you’re looking to take the coward’s way out of your relationship without sticking around for the fallout, book your ticket before breaking things off and then fly, young one. Be free.

Your heartbroken partner will be sad for a while, but leaving straight away is ultimately best because there’s no chance of a drunken reconciliation you’ll both regret when you’re already bashing hips with a Columbian fire-eater on a beach somewhere in Cartagena. It’s the right thing to do.

Becky Wicks is currently traveling South America for her next book Latinalicious – The South American Diaries. Her second, Balilicious – The Bali Diaries, published by HarperCollins Australia, is out on the 1st of December. Follow her adventures here on Live4  and at www.beckywicks.com

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