We should all eat more cake

We should all eat more cake

14 September 2012 | 11:50 am

My favourite food is birthday cake.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking I’m juvenile, but that’s only because I am. To me, birthday cake represents everything that is delightful, delicious and decadent. It’s made (or purchased) with time and love, presented with enthusiasm and shared in a festive spirit. It is magnificent.

I never decline birthday cake. One must have at least a slither. Be part of the moment. Celebrate Aunty Norma’s 60th, or Tom from accounts’ birthday with some sugar and flour and butter.

Non-birthday cake, though, is easier to refuse. There’s no obligation, no sense of ceremony. Just a slice of caramel heaven winking at you from a pool of butterscotch sauce, taunting you with its devilish calorie count.

Well, enough’s enough. All cake should be treated equal. (“Like a God.”) Here are four reasons you should be eating more of it:

You can share it with someone you adore.

Ask your mum, workmate, husband or nephew to share a slice of cake with you, then giggle as you both try to elegantly inhale more than the other, because it’s so stinkin’ delicious and you can’t help it. Far more fun than “going for a coffee”. Plus, you only ate half, so you’re basically a hero.

It took someone AGES to make it. Hours. Maybe even days.

Good quality cakes are tricky. The people who make them are the architects of dessert, the grand priests and priestesses of sugar – they ought to have their hard work recognised. So do. Find an exceptional patisserie or cake shop (never waste time/calories on rubbish cakes) and reward their diligence and talent by sampling their wares. It’s the least you can do.

It injects delight into your day.

The average day, unless you are a Mariah Carey, a toddler or the judge of a magic show, doesn’t offer an overwhelming amount of enchantment. Just traffic and work and errands. But! If you sneak off at 4pm and enjoy a glorious little slice of baked cheesecake, thick and moist with a plop of cream on top, Zip! Zim! Zap! Suddenly your day is fun and cheeky and tasty. Create a reason as to why you deserve the treat for even more fun.

It’s the foundation of an excellent rewards system.

As a writer, I need constant rewards to keep going. (Also, I heard once that the brain loves sugar, so I roll with that too.) And so, if I’ve made deadline, or reached a crucial part of my novel’s narrative, I whisk myself off for a small reward to inspire more of the same. Most often it’s cake or a pastry, because I still associate them with being an indulgence, and it being a special occasion.

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